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Ramadan Kareem To All Muslims On NaijaPalaba – Insha Allah You Will Witness More Of It 🙏

 As-salaam-alaikum to all Muslims on Naijapalaba

The Holy month of Ramadan is here again and of course, this is the best time for all Muslims around the world to pray and get closer to Allah.

Most especially, this hard time of COVID-19, there is nothing Allah cannot do, we can use this Holy Month as an opportunity to call on Him to save the world from this virus.

Things You Should Be Doing In This Ramadan

👉 Observe your 5 times daily solat

👉 Pray at each of your quiet times

👉 Listen to sermons and Gospel music to stay in sync with God.

👉 Always do giveaway for those in need if you have the capacity.

Things You Should Avoid In This Ramadan

👉 Avoid Pornographic videos or movies that can corrupt your spirit during fasting

👉 Stay clear of Alcohol, smoke or any hard drug substances

👉 Avoid holding grudges against people around you

👉 Stay away from violence or physical fight with people

👉 Avoid sexual talks with people or intimate activities with the opposite sex

We pray that Allah will spare our lives in this difficult moment and make us witness more of Ramadan on the surface of the earth.



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