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RAMADAN KAREEM!!! As We Start The Holy Month Of Ramadan – Tell Us Your Muslim Name And It’s Meaning

 As we’re about to kickstart this year’s Ramadan fasting, I pray we all start with Bismillah and end it with Alhamdulillah.

One of the things that brings Muslims together the most in this world is “Ramadan Fasting” – It’s today I learned some of my friends are Muslims.

One of my guys that have known for close to 3 years now with the “Akhampapa” told me that his a Muslim and his Muslim name is “Abdul-Hamid” – Omo I weak o!!

“Because of Giveaway Akham dey claim Muslim,” I said to myself Until he legit showed me proof that he’s truly a Muslim – how come I didn’t know all these while?

I know many of us have been carried away with our nickname or our local name and many people around us don’t even know we’re a Muslim.

It’s high time we start flaunting our Muslim name during this holy period – Drop those “Timileyin” “Sodiq”  “Bitcoin Chief” for now and tell us your Muslim name.

So My Muslim Brothers and Sisters 👇

As Ramadan Is About Starting – Tell Us Your Muslim Name And It’s Meaning?

Ma Salam!!!


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