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Question Of The Day!! Would You Swim This River Or Take Back Your Ex?

– This river is very dangerous to put your leg not to talk of swimming inside of it…

– Some Ex are evil and can kill you in a twinkle of an eye…

This is a very dicey situation here but we have to pick whatever option that suits us.

If you find yourself in a situation like this 👇

Would You Swim This River Or Take Back Your Ex?


  1. Omo this is life and death ooo
    I will go back to my ex but ehnnn that relationship will be a disaster because I’m ready to frustrate him

  2. I am going back to my ex bcos my mum always says that even as God protect u learn to abstain from danger. This is danger as a livingbeing with movement as one of my characteristics, therefore I must move intact run so as to escape this DANGER

  3. It is both the same thing but where there is life there is hope. So I’d rather take her back and still be doing my side hussle because no one can kill me for my mother.

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