Prostitution is a calling from God – Experienced Sex worker claims (video)

Rochelle Grace (not her actual name), An experienced sex worker who spoke to TV3 in an interview has claimed that prostitution is a calling from God.

She said the task can only possible if God has called you. The lady claimed she had gained nothing for the past ten years she has been sleeping with men meanwhile her friends introduced her to the  profession.

She explained that the street has taken everything from her, even her pride, but she has God left with her.

Grace said; 

“The street has my pride and all I have. Everything. Everything is gone. If I have anything left, God will decide, but I don’t.

She further disclosed that she wanted to become either a marketer, lawyer, or work for the Ghana Police Service’s Criminal Investigation Department, but her aspirations did not materialize because she was not supported in her education.

Grace added; 

“In 10 years of abuse, I have nothing to show the world. Nothing, I simply have a lease and if I don’t pay it, I’ll be evicted. This is my room, there is no luggage here, nothing, nothing to show for all the bother. My childhood desire was to be a lawyer or a CID, but I never had the chance.”

Watch (video) below….

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