‘Police Man’ Shoots Friend To Death In Plateau

police Man with the name of ‘James Moses’ allegedly shot his friend with his service rifle.

That leading to his death while they were drinking at a beer parlor at Tudun Wada, Jos North.

Following the incident which happened on July 26, 2019, the case was taken to court which was laid down for hearing yesterday.

The Police man (defendant) claimed not guilty in his statement to the Nigerian Police force saying;

“I didn’t mean to kill him. we were at a beer joint when he came to meet me, don’t know i  had my rifle hung around my neck and the bullet discharged. the police man said

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“I forgot completely about it and unaware that it was not on safety hold. My hand mistakenly touched the trigger when my friend came to hug me

And it went off, killing him in the process; it was not intentional,”.

On Wednesday 12th, February 2020, A High court in Plateau by Judge Nafisa Musa ordered.

That the ex-Policeman should be remanded in the correctional centre after he was made ineligible for bail.

The Judge adjourned the case till March 26 for hearing.


    1. If he can defend himself well in the court people will believe him beside that, he is a police officer and he is trained on that too

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