Poem Against Rape By Temitope Oladapo



Heartless souls with a stinking sense

Wild animals in human flesh

Agents of doom, rewards of bad lineage

Unmeaning beings, all brawn no brain.

What s*xual pleasure do you really profit

When you wickedly prey on innocent girls in hidden

Stealing their womanhood, tearing off their hymens

Leaving them in pains and ceaseless stream of tears.

What peccant pleasure do you really derive

From the cries of a little girl you override

Taking off her voice, stealing away her joy

Leaving her in agony whilst her womanhood destroyed.

You have younger sisters, so dear to your heart

And elder sisters, you’d never want to be slung over wicked shoulders

Why not mount their chests, why spare them of rape?

Like you do to innocent girls, whom you’ve made victims of shame.

Oh, rapists! You’ll live your regrets,

Even if it comes not in a jiffy!

For those you afflicted will never cease to forget

And will forever offer you nothing, but dreadful wishes.

No hole would conceal you in this world

Against the punishment of their ‘silently-observing God’

Your end will be brutal, and the unseen world, gory

For you radiated to guiltless souls, ‘everlasting agony’.






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