PLEASE HELP!! My Husband Refuses To Have S*x With Me For Over 3 Weeks Now Because I Did This To Him – What Should I Do?

Hi Guys!!

A Nigerian woman has narrated how her husband is starving her with for about 3 weeks now.

According to her, she got in a strong mood to receive HEADucation during her mnstual period, so she washed it off so her husband won’t know then told him S*CKaway 😭

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Now, let’s hear from you 👇

Guys, Do You Think She Deserves The Punishment She’s Getting From Her Husband?

What Do You Think She Can Do To Make The Husband Forgive and Forget?


    1. Follow him with patience and humility till his mind calms down. Because what you did was absolutely wrong. Even in the bible women on menses doesn’t cook for their husbands or allowed to come in some places. Check it out in Leviticus.

    2. To say the truth madam what you did it’s very very bad, very irritative how can you ask your husband to suck you during your period, to me that’s self interest don’t you no that your husband can from there contact any disease, you need to continued ask him to forgive you on till his mind come down.

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