PLEASE HELP! I Have Feelings For Her But She Is Engaged, Should I Proceed?

There is this lady I have come to develop feelings for.

She is a graduate and intending to go for service before November… it’s just this pandemic

That is delaying things.

She is also a member of my church and serving in one of the service units.

I have been observing her for a while and in the course of time grew feelings for her.

I took courage and approached her, and she told me she is engaged to be married this December but the problem is that after that our chat she has been tailing me.

She always comes around me to sit close to me during service meetings.

Some times she’d be staring so much at me that you’d wonder.

I’m beginning to think whether she actually told me the truth about her relationship status earlier, or she is just trying to hold on to me as an alternative just in case here marriage plans with the other guy goes south.

Please, friends, I need your sincere advice on what to do as I am confused.

I really love the lady and would like to marry her.

What Should I Do?


  1. Speak her out first and tell her your mind and to know her mind too but be very careful with her pls.
    Put yourself in that husband to be shoe.

  2. Be careful with her and try to find out the truth before u do otherwise incase u tamper with someone’s wife

  3. You are not serious ooo, are you weak, are you scared of ladies?, use your no 6 because she is already engaged and if she is not engage and she said she is engaged that means she don’t want you, pray that God gives you your own wife.

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