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PLEASE ADVISE!! Few Weeks To Our Wedding, My Man Who Earns 240k Wants Me To Quit My 355k Per Month Job – What Should I Do?

Hi Guys!!

A Nigerian lady has shared a serious conversation between her and fiance a few weeks to their wedding.

The matter is so serious because she earns more and her husband-to-be wants her to quit the job on the ground that their kids will need serious motherly care.

Go through the WhatsApp conversation carefully and offer your advice to the woman.

READ CONVERSATION BELOW:-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Guys, over to you 👇

What Are Your Thoughts On This Matter?

What Word Of Advice Do You Have For The Couple?


  1. Abi the husband mad Ni…so she went to school,worked hard and all just to become a housewife…that aside…shey them no court Ni..I mean all this should have been discussed during courtship…ND if them see say them no agree them go do leave themselves since…the girl shld better not even think of quitting.cuz if she does..he go call her liability last last

    1. Even in addition self how come she’s 4month pregnant & discussing serious matters like this online it’s obvious they are not living together

    2. The lady will definitely suffer I if she should quit. She better have a rethink and the so called husband or husbandry should come down and reason with his wife to be.
      Help me tell this guy that there is no job outside o.

  2. My advice to that lady is to think it very well before accept that, because men are not good to that level, he may change after he has see that the lady no get a job again, be wise tell your parents let them advice you on that. Men are so wicked there is no what they cannot do.

  3. It’s obvious from the onset of the courtship that they were overridden by blind love or lust that they never discussed this as matured minds

  4. Let’s be realistic, its better for both of them to have a rethink most especially the husband to be so the name husband will not turn to rubber-band.
    Their earnings per month when combined will be N595,000 which will be enough for them to make a good living if spent wisely.
    If the wife should stop working, though N240k is something too but can’t quickly make them up for something good in the Nigeria of today.

    An adage says: Using left to wash right and right to wash left makes hand clean.

    A word is absolutely enough for the wise.

  5. Ladies should answer this. ..because if he truelove want her to stop it for real she should create another profitable alternative for her

  6. This is a very serious issue..the man should understand that he can loose his job any time…what will dae fall back on..let him leave her o..and workout their schedule

  7. That is why they say if you want to marry look for somebody that is in your direction not after marrying the person you will now want to change her line of direction in doing that you looking for trouble.
    For me I will quit only on one condition, you will open a business that will worth my salary or half of my salary every month for me but for becoming a house wife is not possible.

  8. The guy is just being unreasonable and selfish in here. The lady should be very careful with the guy because she will pass through a lot Para venture she quit her job. If the guy insist, she should stay away from him and start thinking of how to raise the unborn baby alone.

  9. This is a serious mater with which isto be discuss carefully in their own convinet time, cus this 1 pass us ohh.if the lady stop her job there might be a problem tomorrow

  10. Hmmm! Marriage,money,class,career and motherhood, maybe. They are I mean the couples to be ,the main actors here. No matter the advice we give here,they both still have the final say on the matter. To me,the guy has good intentions but his approach was a bit archaic. I saw him as been threatened by the fact that his wife to be earn more than him and probably won’t respect him. And the wife to be on her part,maybe based on the approach of her guy,isn’t ready to trade her career. They should both sit down and set their priorities right.

  11. Class,race, decisions, career, understanding are always somehow the problem to marriage… I’ll say she should quit the job because of the kids

  12. Enemy of progress….start praying to God for a change of mind if u truly love him and again remember u are pregnant ..only God can intervene

  13. If that the way it is and you love ur man, accept what he asked you to do and start up a business with what you have saved from the job..

  14. Na wah for some men sef
    If she quits now, he will still be the one to complain that she’s becoming a liability without adding anything to the family.
    My dear, if he fails to bend his rules a bit, let him go. There are many men out there looking for an industrious woman like you.

  15. my sister listern theres nothing serious there the truth is that it is your decision to make but to me quitting your job is not a good idea, I’ll say u keep ur job if he’s serious about you he’ll see reasons with you, don’t put your career on the line for any shit

  16. I smell insecurity from the man and he doesn’t know what’s happening out there. My advice to the lady is that she should jettison the marriage idea because the man has clearly shown how insecure he is and will kill the dream of the lady. Her life doesn’t revolve around children alone, cmon, God gave her a dream and gift with it and so why should a man derail it all in the name of insecurity. Lady, wise up!

  17. Na wa ooo i don’t think is a good idea because in this current issue we’re into both of u will be contributing together to help the family grow

  18. Men will always be Men…
    That man is a pure chauvinist…
    Does he think the lady has nothing better to do than to sit at home as an house wife after marriage? Girl you gonna look fat and shapeless if you do that. And he will get tired of you asking for almost everything from him… Don’t follow his words, you did not go to school to pursue house wife ship…

  19. This is where understanding and communication comes in,for me Iwould say there is no need for the wife to quit her job, they can get a nanny, a driver who they know everything abt him and that can be trusted. This is what most men don’t understand ,when d lady stop working and becomes idle or she is not doing what she is passionate about , it will make her misbehave, she will feel d man is been selfish and all…communication matters a lot not argument

  20. It’s a serious issue on ground here. No matter what it won’t be advisable for the lady too to abandon her job only on a lllllllllllllbasis that the guy is ready and would set her up for a business @ a substantial amount. There children welfare is also very important and most be given utmost priority.

  21. That’s ie not right, he is supposed to leave the you, make you continue with the work and also be his wife which will him financially. But if he disagree and you love him, you can quit the job

  22. This one is very serious matter both need to seat and discourse very well, man has a point because to mix work with child it not easy is not about been selfish., is for own condition

  23. Dont even think about quitting your job…Trust me…it’s a suicide mission and by the way, i admire your courage of telling him your mind. You did well. Keep your job…no matter what.

  24. Just like the lady said they will find a way out.but quitting her job for me isn’t the best option .the guy should give it a try if it doesn’t workout then they can iron it out cos d ladies sallary will do alot for the family

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