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PLEASE ADVISE!! Few Weeks To Our Wedding, My Man Who Earns 240k Wants Me To Quit My 355k Per Month Job – What Should I Do?

Hi Guys!!

A Nigerian lady has shared a serious conversation between her and fiance a few weeks to their wedding.

The matter is so serious because she earns more and her husband-to-be wants her to quit the job on the ground that their kids will need serious motherly care.

Go through the WhatsApp conversation carefully and offer your advice to the woman.

READ CONVERSATION BELOW:-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Guys, over to you 👇

What Are Your Thoughts On This Matter?

What Word Of Advice Do You Have For The Couple?



    1. Abi the husband mad Ni…so she went to school,worked hard and all just to become a housewife…that aside…shey them no court Ni..I mean all this should have been discussed during courtship…ND if them see say them no agree them go do leave themselves since…the girl shld better not even think of quitting.cuz if she does..he go call her liability last last

      1. The lady will definitely suffer I if she should quit. She better have a rethink and the so called husband or husbandry should come down and reason with his wife to be.
        Help me tell this guy that there is no job outside o.