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PHOTOS!! This Is Not Dubai, It’s Nigeria (I Bet You All Don’t Know Nigeria Has A Fine Place Like This)😁😁😁😁


This is not Dubai!!!

It’s Yusufari, Yobe State, Nigeria.

One of the hidden Gems of Nigeria. I bet you all don’t know Nigeria has a fine place like this 😲😲😲

See photos below:-                                                                                                                                                           

Nigeria is blessed, our Government just needs to invest more in our Resources.

We are better than most countries in the World, we just don’t have good leaders, that’s our problem 😢

Source:- Nigeria Stories


  1. We have this yet our leaders keep running and spending their holidays in a converted desert land to paradise.

  2. Nigeria is like having good writing without being brilliant. Having so many things that can man this country money but have no good leaders who can turn our hidden treasures into what we make our country better for all.
    Greedy leaders.

  3. We are a truly blessed nation if not for the insurgencies around. I loved it when I travelled to the north and saw beautiful and ancient places that could place us on the world map but alas, BH will not allow it. God save us!

  4. Nigeria is really blessed in terms of natural resources and land Mass but was faced with lack of development due to inability of our leaders to utilize this resources for the development and betterment of our country

  5. Absolutely true but, our main problem is extreme artificial poverty deliberately created by our wicket leaders, just to divert our attention. If you look at the Nigerian scenario, we are struggling to feed our family even once or twice a day not to talk of check mating the so call leaders to do the right thing.
    They the leaders will come up with very important develpmental projects but at the end of the day you found out that the fund released for that project was looted due to lack of proper supervision of projects. May God bless us with patriotic and honest leaders amin.

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