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Peter Okoye shows off closet as he offers fan Christmas gift


In the spirit of Christmas, singer Peter Okoye has promised to let a fan raid his closet. Okoye shared a post complaining that his closet was in a messy state. The singer added that he will allow a fan of his raid it for 30 seconds.

Many fans of singer Peter Okoye are currently praying that they are picked by him after he announced his plans to bless someone this Christmas.

In a post on Instagram, Okoye who shared a photo of himself standing by his closet announced that he would allow a fan raid it for 30 seconds. The ace singer not only showed off his impressive closet, he went further to offer a lucky fan 30 seconds to raid it. This was after he complained that the luxury filled closet was in a ‘mess’.

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With the array of shoes and clothes hanging in the rack, any fan will be lucky to have 30 seconds to grab all they can. The singer who apparently resides in Banana Island, Lagos, as indicated on the post, will not only welcome the lucky fan into his family home, he is set to give them some of his expensive, designer clothes.


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