Pastor Adeboye Blesses His Online Congregations Today, Read What He Said

Pastor Adeboye has taken an exemptional position since the churches have been on lockdown. He has always trended on social media with slot of online users giving him thumbs up for his teachings and preaching.

Not that it doesn’t bother him that the church is not opened for normal Sunday services but he took on the situation and turns it around into something life-changing to all the online users. Just like every other church, he comes live on all the social platforms to give, not only his members but all the Christians an undiluted word of God.

Today’s teaching is a teaching one will not want to miss as he dwelled so much on blessing and breaking of curses.

As online users would say, he is not a pastor to only the RCCG, but he is everybody’s pastor. Many could not hide their joy over the reassurance of a good life in today’s preaching of pastor Adeboye as they took to their social media handles to expressively express how blessed they are to have listened to pastor Adeboye this morning.

Let me don’t bore you, Let’s go straight to his words in case you miss out on the online live streaming so you also can be blessed by his teachings.

  • If God blesses you, when your enemy opens his mouth to pronounce a curse, it is blessings that will be flowing out. ~ Pastor Adeboye

He referenced Num 23: 9 -12

  • You can be 1000 better than whatever you have now! I’ve not arrived – I just started!  ~Pastor Adeboye

  • Christ obtain the Blessing of Abraham for us

  • The mighty forces operating on earth are always in two’s.

•Light vs Darkness

•Life vs Death

•Blessings vs Curses

•Good vs Evil ~ Pastor Adeboye

  • You can be 1000 better than whatever you have now! I’ve not arrived – I just started!  ~Pastor Adeboye

  • As children of God and descendants of Abraham, we’re entitled to the blessings of the father of all nations. However, there a are certain responsibilities and sacrifices that come with these blessings”

-Anyone who give you a cup of water to drink will not go unrewarded -Pastor Adeboye

  • If a man is cursed,he will be working like an elephant and be eating like a rat and if a man is blessed,even if he works like a rat,he will be eating like an elephant.

  • We all like the blessings of Abraham but don’t like the responsibilities that come with them.” Pastor Adeboye

The listed above is not he said but just some key points.

The service ended with an altar call and a proclamation was made by pastor obayemi that “someone is need of money, and the person will get a miracle” I can see you claiming this prayer, I pray that we all receive our miracles this week in Jesus name.

May God bless us and break our curses


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