Opinion; War of Words Continues in Ibeku land As Prominent Son’s react

  1. Opinion; War of Words Continues in Ibeku land As Prominent Son’s react.
    The war between Chief B B Apugo a chieftain of the APC in Abia state and the Ochendos might not be ending soon as speculated in some quarters. It will be recall that B B Apugo recently granted audience to a radio station in Umuahia the Abia state capital, were he made several accusations against the former Executive Governor of Abia state and corently the Distinguish Senator representing the the good people of Abia central Senatorial district, His Excellency Senator T A orji.
    The interview has generated lots of Condemnation from the people of the zone. The most recent is the rejoinder to Prince BB Apugo by the leaders of ibeku land made available to newsmen in Umuahia on 21 August 2020. The rejoinder reads; A REJOINDER TO PRINCE B B APUGO’S DIATRIBE AGAINST THE PERSON OF SENATOR T A ORJI.
    The attention of the entire good people of ibeku land at home and in diaspora has been drawn to the senseless diatribe of one prince B B Apugo to some radio stations in Umuahia against distinguish senator T A Orji, CON.
    For the avoidance of doubt, whereas Senator T A Orji CON, is our son of inestimable value in whom we are well pleased, B B Apugo is a demented, deranged, and traitorous primitive, renegade to ibeku people. By way of a threshold, we would like to warn that whatever we say here in answer to the said rantings B B Apugo, will be a tip of the iceberg, we shall make more revelations, mention names with documents in support, if B B Apugo ever attacks senator T A Orji CON, again.
    Now indirect answers to the unwarranted, baseless, senseless, incoherent attack in which B B Apugo accused Senator T A Orji CON, of corruption, we call on discerning members of the public to compare Senator T A Orji CON, who rose through the ranks of civil service to become Administrative Secretary to INEC, Permanent Secretary, Chief of staff to Governor of Abia state for 8 years and a ranking Senator of the federal Republic of Nigeria without blemish, with a so-called but atrocious B B Apugo, a private person incapable of holding a public office and whose life has been morally decadent, very fraudulent, oppressive of the poor, deprived, deceitful, evil and against anything good.
    To those who did not know, please know it now, and to those who knew, please confirm that;
    1. That B B Apugo is not only a stark illiterate but a damn primitive man which he showed even in the said interview when he was asked a question in English language on corruption in NDDC , a trending national issue, his answer was T A Orji and in vernacular with bestial bile totally unrelated to the question asked!!!!.
    2. Prince B B Apugo’s modus operandi and only reason for being in politics is to confiscate, seize and withhold for private use , large sums of political money and patronage that comes his way. Right from the time of five political parties (five fingers of a leprous hand) of Abacha days, to SDP and NRC, to PDP and APC. Where a former senator brought a truck load of money from Abuja to B B Apugo’s house and he locked the doors and refused to bring out the money for the election. He had done the same thing in GDM, DPN, NRC, APP, ANPP etc, in the past.
    3 ; Since the 2rd republic, B B Apugo has been banned from traveling to the USA, on grounds of fraud and dishonesty.
    4 ; B B Apugo has consistently committed sacrilege, abomination and defilement of ibeku land by forcibly luring married women away from their husbands and children to live with him . Out of seven Egwus of Ibeku land, there is hardly anyone where B B Apugo has not taken two or three married women who abandoned their husbands and children to go and live B B. Some of such women still live with B B Apugo till today even after the death of their husbands and children due to lack or spousal or motherly care.
    6 ; B B in the 90’s stood trial for the murder of one Mr Eboh in his village and only escaped death sentence by whiskers and compromise.
    7 ; B B is a specialist in land grab and forcible take over of land from individuals or even government.
    All the lockup shops behind Umuahia Township stadium and all the area around central bank and house of Assembly road are typical exemples.
    As the good people of ibeku get more United to think out ways to add to the developments that Senator T A Orji CON, brought to our land as governor, we urge everybody to be wary of B B Apugo and his antics. We restate that we are now ready for B B Apugo and we will not hesitate to call expose him the more to the world.
    Hon G O Onyemaobi
    Chief Emma Nwabuko
    Dr Udoh Ogbonna
    Chief Charles Ogbonnaya
    Sir Frank Ibe
    Rt Hon (Barr) Nwoko Chidiebere
    Chief Uche Akwukwaegbu (Traditional prime Minister of ibeku land).

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