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Ondo State Government Uncovers N4.3Bn Kept In Secret Account For 10 Years WHY!!!!!!

N4.3bn which was kept in a secret account for more than 10 years has been uncovered by the Ondo state government.

Ondo Commissioner for Information and Orientation, Donald Ojogo confirmed this in a statement released on Thursday May 14.

He said the money which was uncovered due to the discrete financial intelligence of the Commissioner for Finance Mr. Wale Akinterinwa, was lodged in a third generation bank without due process for over 10 years ago.

Ojogo said;

“We recall that at inception of this administration, concerted efforts were made to take a comprehensive inventory of all assets and liabilities of Government which include liquidity status.

“This exercise, modestly conducted without the usual noise, was aimed at avoiding sensationalization and needless acrimony. In this regard, all development partners of the Government, including Banks rendered highly commendable forms of assistance.

“It should be noted that neither the Finance Commissioner nor the Accountant-General was in his present position as at when the said account was opened more than ten years ago.

“The invitation of the Finance Commissioner by the House of Assembly and indeed, same extended to both the State Accountant-General and the Auditor-General are in line with Government’s desire to make as transparent as possible, the management of our commonwealth in Ondo State.”

The Commissioner for Finance Mr. Wale Akinterinwa who also confirmed this while appearing before lawmakers, said the money has been ploughed into the revenue account of government. He also denied claims of a consultant being hired in the course of retrieving the N4.3bn


    1. This is very bad over 10year which money has be kept and people have complained of money to spend,no work to do in ondo,pls more investigation on this matter.

  1. A whooping sum of 4.3bn,it is very obvious these politicians do not fear God.How can someone steal/hid such amount and the indigines are suffering. Why are people greedy,forgetting one day they will be buried 6ft deep with nothing. Vanity upon Vanity

  2. Waoo what a discovery…. Some one must have his the money there either he or she is dead or can’t come out to defend it….uhnmm another story to be unfold….

  3. It’s good that they discovered it no doubt but how are they gonna use that money to better the poor masses life. How? I can assure u that in the next couple of days you won’t hear anything about it again

  4. This has been happening in almost every states in Nigeria even till today. What we know, we know. What don’t know, we don’t know it.
    May God help us in this country. Later now you wont hear anything about it again.

  5. My only question is this: don’t they notice when such a huge amount of money goes missing in d 1st place,ND if they do…y are there no whistle blowers to let us know

  6. This is another PANDEMIC brutal than COVID 19. Accountant/Auditor General office should be investigated. The bank should be made to remit all the interest accrued on the money and more importantly spent for the good people of the state and not re-lodged in another secret account.

  7. When the money has been ploughed into the revenue account of government. He now denied claims of a consultant being hired in the course of retrieving the N4.3bn, just imagine this

  8. Sometimes I ask my self this question that why is it that our politicians are greedy…you still and hide money that you cannot be able to finish it alone

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