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North Korea Citizens tipped to eat reptile’ Terrapins’ by their leader due to food scarcity.

It has been announced by the North Korea leader, Kim Jong-un, that citizens to take to eating terrapins due to the case of food shortage in the country.
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The country has been experiencing scarcity of food ever since the strict order of extreme closure of their border in order to curb the spread of the dreadful pandemic,Covid-19.
This decision has made nearly all their citizens live in abject poverty, for years multitudes of people have had to line up in waiting to receive food from various charities because of the UN treaty and governmental incompetency.
As a result of Kim Jong’un urge for nuclear weapons, North Korean trade has been a target.
According to Gistmania,this terrapin eating suggestion was made by’ Naenara’, the government website,in order to make attempt to put an end to the rate at which the citizens experience hunger.
Kim Jong-Un 'Executed Terrapin Farmer Over Poor Production'
The Sun reports that the website says”From ancient times, Haute Cuisine was being prepared with terrapins because of its numerous nutrient components and its delicious tastes.
“The important nutrients component varies as it is rich in protein, essential amino acid and Vitamin efficacious which cures Hepatitis, Hypertension, and other serious diseases.
‘Its blood, bone, and carapace is used as one of the materials for Koryo medicines’
‘Its blood works for diabetes and weak boned children’
‘Terrapins can be served raw or made into stews or broths’
With the look of things, it seems North Korea’s economic development is going downhill each passing day.


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