Nollywood Actress: Empress Njamah flies business class with her dog (photos)

Nollywood actress, Empress Njamah, has got many fans talking after she took to her social media page to share photos of how she and her pet, a french bull dog traveled together.

The celebrity lifestyle may have its downsides but the perks definitely beats it all. Veteran Nollywood actress, Empress Njamah, certainly knows a lot about living the good life and as it is, she’s showing you lot how it’s done.

Flying business class is often considered a bourgeoisie thing and Njamah not only proved she could afford to travel in such luxury but also could afford it for her pet dog, a french bulldog.

The actress who was in the US for a brief period, took to her Instagram page to share photos of herself with her pet dog flying from the US in style and comfort.

See another post of Njamah and her pet: