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Every existing writer of naijapalaba knows this already, that the more views you have on your approved content the more you earn, and the more you get on the top list of best-performing contest creators of the month... All together before you know it, you are in big Money.

Today, I am going to teach you how you can make more with your article on Naijapalaba News and how you can expose your articles to get over 5,000views per day...

- First, you need to know that your social media holds the key to getting more views. sit tight, as i will kindly share more hacks to get more views on naijapalaba today.

We will be talking about 4 social platforms here:

1. Facebook groups
2. Twitter
3. Nairaland
4. Whatsapp Group & Status

Facebook.com (How to Get More Views Using Facebook groups)

Be consistent on sharing your post on Other people's groups you have to join so make sure you join as much as the possible group you know will work for your content and also doing this daily basis will always work well. Join groups that have enough member that can follow back your post...

Twitter.com (How to Get More Views Using twitter)

We all know twitter is made up of hashtags so all you need to do is follow most used hashtags and use them while sharing your content to twitter when people see your post in the right place they will follow back your ling and you get more views

NairaLand.com (How to Get More Views Using Nairaland Forum)

Nairaland has been the most interactive Forum so far and this works more for people who have more interactive content.

you can start by creating an account with them using your email and posting consistently will build your reputation on your content on Naijapalaba News. additional support on this chart with .......(   )

Whatsapp Status (How to Get More Views Using Whatsapp Group & Status)

In your article, after it has been published you will see a share button to WhatsApp, using that tool also get your content to reach more people in a group you just join and an open WhatsApp group...Share your article link to both your own status and groups you join and create...

With all this little tip, I gave you I will see you on the next month top list if you do it well.......( )


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