NIP Profit Terms

Violation of below NIP laws may lead to permanently or temporarily loss of account or funds. and are considered illegal activities. :

Profit Bait

Making Profit illegally on NIP.

What to do

- Stop Repeatedly/multiple Comment a news if found unnecessary or non-supportive is considered profit bait!!!
- Stop Repeatedly Posting on Activity or group page if found unnecessary or useless is considered profit bait!!!
- Stop enforcing Profit on your account. Perform your usual activity and you will always make easy profit.

- Be social, be friendly, drop opinion, be supportive, engage in talks . start conversations, perform daily activity and make profit.
- Comment/Share only when necessary.
- Stay online for latest post and avoid illegal mining of profits from very old news.


illegal Sharing links or photos containing advert on post comments, news page, activity page or group walls is prohibited.

What to do?

Avoiding Spamming. and if you need to advertise your product/brand visit the "Place advert" section.


Multiple creation or duplicate of Account is not allowed and therefore will be banned from using the platform.

Adult Content

Pornography photos or video posted on activity or groups walls is not accepted.

last modified - March - 19.

News Profit Bait

Some Account Performing profit baits on news comments section