Nigerian Soldier and Police Officer Abducted and Executed😭😢 by Boko Haram (Photos)


Boko Haram Terrorists have released a new video showing the gruesome execution of a Nigerian Army Soldier and a Nigerian Police Officer.

Both security service personnel had been abducted alongside three others ten days ago just before Gasarwa village, 45 km from Monguno local government area in Borno State.


The video released by Boko Haram, featured the soldier, identified as Lance Corporal Emmanuel Oscar and the police officer identified as Yohanna Kilus in uniform kneeling in a field and face by two masked gunmen in camouflage.

The men were made to state their names and how they had been captured before they were shot at close range.


They recounted that there were ambushed and captured while travelling from Maiduguri to Monguno by the Boko Haram fighters.

“I am 13NA/70/8374 Lance Corporal Emmanuel Oscar, I was captured by Tilafa’s along Maiduguri to Monguno,” Oscar said in English.

While Yohanna speaking in Hausa said;


“My name is Yohanah Kilus, I am a policeman, my rank is inspector. I was abducted between Maiduguri and Monguno; I am presently in the custody of Tilafa soldiers.”

May their souls rest in peace.




    1. This is too disheartening. It beats my imagination when these heartless beasts capture and kill our security personnel while on the other hand our military free or grant them amnesty when they are captured.

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