Nigerian Military: Several Boko Haram terrorist have been killed in Borno

Several Boko Haram terrorists have been  killed with their facilities destroyed, according to the Defence Headquarters.

Some of their Logistics Facilities located at Pansu as also been demolished in Sambisa Forest Area of Borno State.

The statement which was issued on Friday by Major General John Erench, who is the coordinator of Defense Media.

The operation which was carried out by the Air Task Force of operation Lafiya Dole on Thursday.

“The airstrike, which was executed as a precursor to further air and ground operations, was conducted after intelligence reports revealed that the terrorists had resumed use of the settlement as a staging area to launch attacks against nearby troops’ locations.

“Recent aerial surveillance missions had also shown significant terrorist activities in the area whilst identifying some compounds housing the fighters and their logistics items,” the statement read in part.


  1. We have actually heard this severally. We wonder why in spite of the acclaimed killings this nitwits still wield so much resistance against THE M I L I T A R Y.🤔😒🙄

  2. It should be that they are telling the truth, because this Buhari govt. has decimated and technically defeated them yet B/H unleashes mayhem every now and then.

  3. Very good move from the Nigerian air force but these guys need complete annhilation to take them out completely

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