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New Messages for my Fellow Nigerians

It’s easy to blame our leaders for the chaotic state of the nation, but the truth is, our leaders didn’t fail us we failed ourselves.

Before you give me that hysterical look as if I am somewhere lost not knowing the reality down here in this abyss, just pay attention for a moment.

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The leaders you get are purely a reflection of the average societal values of a people. The big question is, what kind of people are Nigerians? and the next big question is, are we better than our leaders?

If I took a handful of sand from the beach, would the properties of the sand sample in my palm be any different from the properties of the rest of the sand in the seashore? Science works by induction, from particular to general. So in the science eye view, it is consistent to say that the sample in my palm represents closely the qualities residing within the seashore sand.

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In mathematics, a subset {a} will always retain some of the properties of the universal set [U]. So let’s not act surprised when we see our leaders reflect some properties that we possess.

When a pickpocket is caught in many Nigerian streets, they are mobbed and lynched to death by the so-called “innocent ” people. This is a picture of a suspected thief being Mobbed by “Innocent Nigerians”

“I will help you ” In Nigeria sometimes is a metaphor for saying “ I will exploit you for a while, pretending to help you.

Many rich employers of labor always have this impression that they are doing you a favor whenever they pay you for a service you have rendered. The reason why they always owe salaries.

Many Housewives maltreat their house helps and abuse them physically, yet they still believe that it is unthinkable for a man to lay his hands on a woman. (Double Standards)

Some Children of the poor are starved and accused of witchcraft by the clergy.

A man close to me ran for the house of representatives. He didn’t get a single vote just because he refused to pay the masses who this time were the delegates. Votes were auctioned for almost a million per person. Eventually, someone with a criminal record got the people’s mandate because all they wanted to be money.

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Let us for a moment stop pretending to be better than our leaders. They may be just like us. We kill -they kill, we steal- they steal, we are selfish -they are selfish, professors give grades for sex, movie directors give roles for sex, masters take it by force from their dependents; This is us at the moment. Like wolves in a primordial evolutionary setting eating the weaker animals, and then cry when they get eaten by lions.

In Nigeria, the Struggle for Existence is purely the survival of the fittest and the elimination of the weak.

What kind of people are celebrated? This guy here was recently arrested by the EFCC and FBI. But most Nigerians celebrated him and prayed to be as blessed as he.

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If really the country must change, then, first of all, we must change. Then when we do, those changes will reflect for good in the wider society and polity. This is self-criticism. The only way to purify a metal is to focus on the impurities. If a white shirt is to be made near-perfect then the focus should be on those black stains. As we seek our way out of this darkness, first we must acknowledge we cannot see the light.

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Dear Nigerians, forget about the big picture and national image. Focus on being better humans.

Good bless Nigeria.

EDIT: This post wasn’t aimed at provoking anyone or reducing The country’s reputation, but was aimed at closely reflecting reality.

But if it offends, my apologies to you.

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