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Negative effects of Teens Eagerness to be in a Relationship

Relationship is the way in which two or more people are closely connected to each other. It is also a state of two people agreeing to become intimate.

A teen is a person who has attain the age 13 to 19 years old. It called the adolescent stage. It is the state at wish your body changes from being a child. It is also a stage of puberty i.e as a girl your body shapes begin to develop and as a boy you start growing bears and the rest. At this stage your body gives a natural sensation towards the opposite sex which is normal. It is true that the feeling is natural but it takes self control for one to get it wrong.

At the junction, I’ll I will educate you that it is the stage of your life which must be well handled with caution. Once you fail to utilize it well one might live to regret it all through his/her life.

At the teen stage, you start getting lots of admirers especially the girls, different kinds of people approaches you which is normal but the question is those people are they capable of standing by you when issues arises. 85% of guys that approaches you comes for what is in between you thighs, so get it right. The boys are not excluded in this aspect because I’ve met some grown guys that were abused at that stage by their aunties and co’s which has caused more harm than good to them.

          Negative effects of Teens Eagerness to be in a Relationship

  1. Abortion: This aspect is for the girls, at the level you might have a little or no idea of the danger of  engaging in abortion. “There are 2 main types of abortion: medical abortion (“abortion pill”) – taking medicine to end the pregnancy.  surgical abortion – a procedure to remove the pregnancy”. At  this  point  it can  lead to bleeding to death and also it leads to damaging of  the womb.
  1. Delay: This aspect, if a girl of 14 is being impregnated by a boy of 15 or 16. Do you think the boy will stand by you? NO, because he will say to himself that he has a long way to go in life and cannot to tied down because of the pregnancy at that point he denies you putting you in so much pains and agony. For this cause you will have to drop out from school which there is always tendency that you might not further again due to the challenges you might face. All because you both got it wrong by using your premature feelings to destroy your life.
  1. Fear : Due to the pains you have passed through it can make you live in fear, by not wanting to mingle with the opposite s*x even when you’ve attain the age.


  1. Shame and disgrace : Relationship is good but when you engage into it without knowing the good and bad in it. The outcome you get from you it might lead to shame and disgrace, why because you weren’t prepared for it.
  1. Unhappiness: Once you engage in a relationship without being ready for responsibilities it leads to unhappiness.

Note: Before you think of going into a relationship ensure you have achieve some important things in life and also read books about relationship so as to lead you rightly.



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