Fee Terms

In an exchange with your services, Your pay will be calculated using the term below:


1. CPC – Cost Per Click is ₦0.5

Payment for each article will simply rely on how many clicks one article gets.


For example: if your article is with 1 click, the article has attracted a CPC of ₦0.5 (mathematically, CPC for the article that attracts 50,000 clicks is 50,000 * ₦0.5 = ₦25,0000)

Payment Terms

Your Payment will be processed by our payment team and minimum withdrawal for your payment is 5,000naira.

We want every payment to be transferred as quickly as possible; Therefore, payments will be processed by our payment team after review. We wire payment to individual bank accounts only.

Once your total earnings reach 5000 Naira, we will confirm your total income for the previous month on the 1st to the 5th (GMT/UTC) of each month(Postponed During Holiday).

NOTE: All Payment is been processed by our payment team. Naijapalaba will never ask for your bank secret pin or BVN. #STAY_SAFE