“Na who be cross-dresser go dey fear” Bobrisky issues a rejection as the House of Reps proposed a law to punish cross-dressers.

Bobrisky has shared a post stating that he is a woman and not a crossdresser, as House of Reps proposed a new law seeking to prohibit crossdressing in Nigeria.

The bill, sponsored by a member, Muda Lawal Umar, passed first reading on Tuesday to ban cross-dressing.

The bill, read on the floor of the House on Tuesday, April 5, seeks to ban cross-dressing in Nigeria and jail offenders for 6 months with the exemption of those using it for entertainment.

If the proposed law is passed, cross-dressers will be sentenced to 6 months in prison or to pay a fine of five hundred thousand naira (N500,000).

Reacting, Bobrisky took to Instagram to say that he has done lots of surgeries to change his sex and those surgeries can’t be reversed, hence he is a woman,  not a crossdresser that when the time comes even the court will confirm it themselves.

He said he has his lawyers and doctors to defend his claims and he has nothing to fear.

“Na who be crossdresser go dey fear,” he added.

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