Must watch: Lagos babes now sleep with Dogs for millions (Video)

Nigerians react to videos showing African females, particularly Nigerian ones, having sex with dogs for millions.

Most Lekki big babes are now sleeping with Dogs for a whopping sum of 1.5m to 2m per day, This is becoming increasingly popular. A total of three separate movies of similar scenarios have now been viewed on the internet.

Although, this has been happening for a while now but no proof to back it up until today when a Video of one of the babes made it online and went viral.

In the most popular video, a dog is shown having sexual relations with another dog as she is squirting on the floor.

Every of these girls wants to stay in Lekki, rent apartments/buy houses and drive Lexus/Benz and in view of this, they end up becoming a monster that can do anything as far as money is involved.

see reactions below…

In case you haven’t seen the video, there you have it below.