MUSIC MINDS ONLY!!! Teni vs Mayorkun:- Who Do You Think Is A Better Singer


The Nigerian music industry has proved to be more competitive, and demanding by the day as every artiste thrive to prove to everyone how talented and unique they are.

Unarguably 2 of the biggest entertainers in the country at the moment, Teni and Mayorkun whose introductions gave rise to so many critics with many questioning their relevance and talent to survive the storm in the industry.

This could be understood as their first singles were widely accepted but many believe they may be one hit wonders following how long it took them to give us back up hits.

Teni and Mayorkun both came out with what seems to be banging hits that got every music lover talking. Although they are not of the same era but when we talk of talent, understanding what people want, sonorous voices, songs that will get you talking, these two singers understand the concepts.

Social media lovers can testify to Mayorkun and Teni’s social media sorcery. Both artistes have relentlessly built their clout on social media (Instagram and Snapchat in particular), over many months, into a formidable promotion machine for their arts confirming how talented they are.



Teni released quite a few songs in 2018 and all of them were very well received with “Askamaya” and “Case” being outright hits. This is not counting “Uyo meyo” “Fake Jersey“, “Lagos“, and many more powerful collabos.

Following an extremely successful 2019 with hits like OloloPower RangerSuper WomanBillionaire and so on. single handedly showcasing and uplifting her record label as a solo artiste with her talent. Teni has written her name on musical legend plaque in the industry.


From, Eleko to MindHustlers AnthemBlessingsBoboMamaChe CheTrue, and so much more. Mayorkun has replied all his critics with several music testifying to the fact that he is more than what people see him to be.

Mayorkun has enjoyed fame and success at all level, proving himself over time. He remains the backbone of his record label, DMWMayorkun is sincerely talented I must say.


There is so much to write about these 2 artistes but we would leave everything to you guys to do the talking.

So Guys, lets throw the question back to you ?

Teni vs Mayorkun:- Who Do You Think Is A Better Singer

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