Mother of Chrisland school student narrates how her daughter was drugged and assaulted during school trip

The mother of the Chrisland School student that was allegedly assaulted during a school trip in Dubai by her fellow classmate as explained how the incident happened.

She said her 10-year-old daughter was lured into the illicit act after one of the boys drugged her in Dubai.

According to the video that was posted on Instagram, the mother explained how the male students persuaded her daughter into the room.

“After breakfast, one of the boys, called Kachi, come to beg her for her phone charger. (Later) After dinner, Kachi called her room that she should come and take her charger.

“She went there for her charger. When she got into the room, one of them said she should take her charger from the toilet.

“They hijacked her and told her to take a substance, so they were all under the influence. She said after that, she did not know what she was doing again.

“They told her to be climbing them and someone stood there videoing and posting it out.”

The mother accused Chrisland’s management of threatening her daughter to cover the incident.

“About a month ago, I was on my way out of Lagos when I got a call from Mrs Azike, the Head Teacher of Chrisland.

“I went two days later. When I got to the school, I met her with two women in her office.

“One introduced herself as Mrs Kemi. They said they came from Chrisland headquarters. I said ‘Okay’. I asked if there was a problem, they said ‘No’

“That they just wanted me to know that my daughter whom I left in their care, that they took to Dubai kissed a boy and the boy kissed her. That it was from truth and dare.

“They said I should take it from her so they won’t keep practicing that. I said I’ll do that and asked if there’s something else and they said ‘No’. Mrs Kemi told me not to tell my husband.

“I left but they took my daughter elsewhere to interrogate her without my consent. They’ve been threatening that if she speaks out, they are going to kill her. That’s it is a men’s world and she shouldn’t disclose it to me.

“My daughter was dying in silence I didn’t know. They took her to go and do a pregnancy test and lied it was a COVID test, almost three times.

“Because we have started confronting them that we are aware of what they did, the school sent her a suspension letter,” she said in tears.


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