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    Emeka L. Onwuka posted in the group No More Sorrow

    1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Hello everyone, I’d begin by saying I really missed the time shared with y’all on this wonderful platform. Regrettably I’ve been inactive for like 2months now{yeah} And it hurt’s me though bcos I know I’ve missed a lot. The reason for my absence was bcos of my failure to subscribe or purchase a license key for myself, frankly speaking it wasn’t bcos of money it’s just that I was sceptical or afraid to be lose my money, but now I’ve changed my ideology of Naijapalaba & I’m reconsidering to return. But in the meantime I want to know people that have withdrawn any money, pls if u have kindly let me know about ur experience & probably if you are kind let me know the amount for some motivation. Thanks!!! {Apologies for posting this here, I’m just curious for answers}

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