Meet bhadie Kelly, the viral Togolese TikTok sensation that’s stealing the hearts of Nigerian men on social media

It’s no news that latest TikTok sensation, Kelly, has caught the full attention of lots of Nigerian men and others, While she’s seemingly giving a lot of ladies a run for their money.

The name “Kelly” has become a familiar one amongst Nigerian men. reported: “I cook, I clean, and I sabi nack. Full option bay” — Actress, Nkechi Blessing showers praises on herself

Quite a number of social media users who were not even TikTok users, have been rampaging through Google browser, searching for her details.

With username @bhadie.kellyy, the youngster is a Togolese Tiktoker who makes short videos of herself, most of which features her twerking in skimpy and figure hugging dresses.

A quick check on her page shows she began making videos on TikTok since November of 2021 but ever since she became a viral sensation amongst Nigerian, her videos have been amassing an average of 1 million views per video.

Due to her becoming a viral sensation on the app, her followers skyrocketed from over 300k followers to over 900k and counting in only a couple of days.

Here’s one particular video of hers that seems to get Nigerian men excited,

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