May 1: World celebrate our Workers today on a low-key

MAY 1 is a day we celebrate the achievements and sacrifice of your workers which is always observed every year.

International Workers Day or Labour Day is a day used to highlight the challenges faced by the workers class during their daily routine business.

The Covid-19 pandemic as halted this year’s celebration as the world is battling to stop the spread of the virus, this year celebration is been celebrated on a low-key.

It is always observed as a Public Holiday around the world to mark the effort of workers worldwide.

The International Labour Movement is usually a way the workers celebrate the day with workers rallying in public to get the attention of the government.

No such gathering will be allowed this year with restrictions of movement and people observing social distancing which is one of the lockdown protocols imposed by the government.

Naijapalaba celebrates the effort and achievements of our workers.


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