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MARLIAN are you online ? Become A Malian In 5 Easy Steps- see how

The way Nigerian youths rally around him whenever he shows up in public, you will think he is really from the Bob Marley dynasty.

Since his football-inspired hit (Issa Goal), Azeez Fashola a.k.a Naira Marley has enjoyed and sometimes endured what many will consider a rollercoaster career thus far.

When Naira is not swarmed with controversies, he is dropping a hit, influencing pop-culture or just in his quiet space. A friend told me he can really be introverted.

When Naira decides to speak on any issue, he goes on his Instagram Live and it’s no-hold-barred monologues all over again. Consider his IG live sessions a press conference as most of his statements from the social media platform spill into mainstream media and form major reports. Recently, he has been tweeting a lot and each time he sneezes on there, the Twitter community catches flu.

Right now, he is running the industry and coasting smoothly. His fans are known by the eponym – Marlians and they keep growing in their hundreds every week.

These days, every groovy youth loves to be associated with the Marlians. When Naira’s song comes on, crowds go wild. Most times people dance away while rehearsing their masturbation moves as they sing along to Jo Soapy – his recent hit.

What’s really cool is that becoming a Marlian isn’t really that hard. Here are five quick and easy steps to becoming a bonafide Marlian:

Drop all manners: You really have to lose your manners and home training to become a Marlian. The leader of the Marlian nation himself associates himself with the tag – No Mannaz. You have got to learn how to say what you want and whenever, even if it lands you at 10 Okotie Eboh Street, Ikoyi.

A little scruffy will do: You can’t be all cultured, prim and proper and still be a Marlian. A little shabbiness and edginess never hurt anyone. You have got to go wherever you want the way you are without caring what the next man or woman thinks.

Embrace controversies: When life shows you pepper, you make pepper soup out of it. To become a respected Marlian, you can’t shy away from confrontations. You go head-to-head with whatever life throws at you and make the most of it. Becoming brutally honest is definitely the way to go.

Grab your dance shoes: How can you call yourself a Marlian and not know how to dance? You need to call Poco Lee and hook yourself up with some dance lessons, no matter how uncultured it seems. Just go with the flow!

Light up a jumbo joint: Puff, puff, pass and you can unlock your inner Marley. A big wrap is probably worth a try. Whether they legalize it or not, smoke up till EFCC lends NDLEA a wing.

Most importantly, come forward: “Control the crowd, control the crowd. Marlians come forward, the rest fu*k off”. You can’t be a secret Marlian.

If you wish to be a Marlian, you need to stand up and be counted. No beating around the bush, no time to rigmarole. Just come forward and run into the open arms of your principal, Naira Marley.

 You are welcome.

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