Man won’t stop crying after he saw his girlfriend’s chat with another guy on WhatsApp

A man has been in a state of depression after he saw his girlfriend chat with another guy, According to the gentleman’s post  which he shared online, he said he randomly took his girlfriend’s phone and hopped on to her WhatsApp platform where he discovered to his horror that she has been cheating on him.

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In the leaked chat, his woman was telling another guy how she relishes their intimate sessions. She mentions how she loves to be on top of him and ride him like tomorrow never comes.

The guy at the other end responded that he’ll use his tongue all over him when they meet for their forbidden rendezvous.

He posted;

”I opened my GF’s WhatsApp Today. And all I can say is OMO. If I see any girl ranting on the timeline that men are scum or anything of that sort… I will trace u down and I will beat nonsense out of your Body”


In other news, Yvonne Nelson, Popular Ghanaian actress, has claimed that it’s better to have a child with someone you are not in love with.

Nelson made this claim in a recent interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM. According to the Ghanaian actress, having a child with someone you are emotionally connected to is very problematic and opens one up to hurt and heartache.

The actress also said that if one have a child with someone they are not in love with, they won’t be emotionally affected if the person cheats on them because their relationship would be like a friendship even though they have a child together.

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