Madagascar’s herbal cure for COVID-19 sent to Nigeria

Nigeria is set to receive the Republic of Madagascar’s herbal drug ‘COVID Organics (COV)’, which the country’s leaders said cures and prevents Coronavirus.

The Nation reported that Nigeria’s consignment has been sent to Equatorial Guinea from where it will be airlifted to Abuja. It was gathered that African countries were divided into zones for ease of transportation, leading to freighting of Nigeria’s consignments to Equatorial Guinea.

The Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19 has been notified of the offer from Madagascar and arrangements are being made to bring Nigeria’s allocation to Abuja.

While some health officials are pushing for a clinical trial of COVID Organics before being used in the country, there is reportedly pressure on the Federal Government by different medical and scientific organizations to allow the National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD) and the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) subject the drug to further analysis.

The Nation source said;

“The consignments of the drug are being distributed to different countries in Africa based on zonal grouping. We have been told that Nigeria’s consignment is in Equatorial Guinea from where it will be airlifted to Abuja.

“When the herbal drink is brought into the country, we will know the next step. But some medical and scientific organizations are pressurizing that the drug is subjected to a clinical trial.

“Some countries like Tanzania, Congo-Brazzaville, Guinea-Bissau, and Equatorial Guinea have subscribed to the drugs. Also, while South Africa has offered to conduct a scientific analysis of the drug, Senegal said it will subject it to a clinical trial.

“I can assure you that the Federal Government will take the best decision on the drug in the overall interest of Nigerians.

“Before any food or drug can be administered in this country, there are certain protocols that must be followed. The government will not circumvent these protocols. We want a solution; we want the best for Nigerians.”

Recall that on April 28, the Chairman of the PTF on COVID-19, Mr. Boss Mustapha said the nation was ready to give Madagascar’s herbal drink a trial.

Mustapha said at that time;

“I want to assure you that whatever is happening in the world, we are mindful of it and we are keeping a tab.

“I was reading of the experiences in Madagascar– of why everybody is drinking some solutions that have been prepared. This morning I was sharing with my wife, and I told her that probably I would request that Mr. President allow us to import a planeload for a trial.

“We are all navigating an unchartered cause. Nobody has ever been on this road. So, every attempt to find a solution that would bring succor to our people, be rest assured that this task force is very responsible and we would do everything to ensure that we get what will benefit our people, what will help them in the processes that we find ourselves today.”

This is coming after the World Health Organisation (WHO) maintained that the efficacy of the drug was unproven.



  1. It’s good to hear…but they should make sure the drug is given a trial…we don’t want to make things worst than they already are

  2. Why go for madagascar herbals when we are blessed with herbs….only to mk researches nd lets hv ours ….then the whole world we come to us for a cure……

  3. This is good news for Madagascar, I hope we do more research and get our own cure too.I prayvit works.May God help us

  4. Which country are we self?
    NDLEA, Nafdac, WHO and others refuse to approve those Nigerians made but the Madagascar own is approved.
    Well, God is able.

  5. It is such a shame that we had to go all the way to Madagascar when we could easily find a cure here with our local herbs. We are not just proud of our country hence we don’t promote it

  6. What exactly is wrong with this country? Why do we have to go for Madagascar herb when we are blessed with local herbs… So all we can produce is man power herbs. And we call ourselves giant of Africa.. Shame.

  7. A wake up call to our Naija Scientist, Professors and Traditionalist. You can imagine how much foreign earning to Madagascar if it work eventually.

  8. This is a welcome development for we as Africans, we are proud to be Africans and what is the most interesting side of it is we the so call under develop countries are the one produce the traditional medicine of this deadliest Covid 19 Pandemic. We thank God for instilling confidence in our self to produce and help the world cure Covid 19. Lastly i hope and pray it will put to test in our country Nigeria and pray it will work effectively by God grace.

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