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Linda was part of the reasons my marriage broke, Carolina Hutchings alleges (Video)

 Former actress Carolina Hutchings, who was married to Musa Danjuma, younger brother to General Theophilus Danjuma, a former Minister of Defence, accused popular blogger, Linda Ikeji, of being part of the reasons her marriage failed.

Hutchings,  Made this allegation on reality tv show ‘Real housewives of Lagos’, during a heated argument, Carolina bashed Laura Ikeji, younger sister of the famous blogger, for defending her family.

“You can have a blog but don’t hurt people, Part of the reasons my marriage broke was because of Linda, Linda lied about my age. I reached out to her,She didn’t care. She wrote that my daughter was for another man, she did not care and you sit down here to defend your family?

“I have families too, I have children that look up to me. I have people that care for me, you don’t sit down here and tell me you wanna slap me.

“When your sister wrote about my daughter, my daughter has two holes in the heart. Do you know how I coped with that? Do you think I’m happy to be divorced, From the very moment I got married Linda was on my butt , I didn’t snatch my husband from Linda” she yelled at Laura Ikeja who just looked on.

Watch (video) below …

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