Lightning Strikes Mother Dead and left two daughters in Severe Burns


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Lightning Strikes Woman Dead, Leaves 3-Year-Old Daughter With Severe Burns

A 3-year-old girl has been hospitalized while her mother confirmed dead after they were struck by lightening.

In a video shared online, the 3-year-old girl is seen screaming in pain as kindhearted Nigerians gathered to take her to the hospital.


Abiodun, the good Samaritan who rescued the young girl, said she found her lying on a table covered in burn marks.

The girl had slept outside on the table even after lightning struck her mother dead and she remained there till afternoon.


“The girl slept on a table outside overnight after her mother died,” Abiodun wrote.

She added: “We met her on that table this afternoon groaning in pains. She’s just 3-years-old. When the Lagos State Government officials came for the mother’s corpse and they were told to take the child, they declined and said they were not sent there for the child.

“Social services asked me to pay for the test and treatments for the girl with the burns if not she won’t be attended to.”





    1. I hope she did not swear falsely for a sin she knowingly committed to cover up? Things like this do not just happen for nothing, though it could be accident. However, may her soul rest in peace, and may God grant the child quick recovery and divine healing.

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