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Lies We Have Been Told For Long – India Vs Nigeria “99-1” – This Video will Change Your Mindset

India Vs Nigeria "99-1" - Real Truth Revealed

Have you really asked yourself if the epic football match between Nigeria and India was really true?

Growing up anywhere in Nigeria, be it the South, North, East or West, you must have heard about the epic match between Nigeria and India in the 1994 World cup.

The world cup hosted by the USA was a very memorable one in the history of Nigerian Football even the popular story of the match between Nigeria and India where we have trashed 99 goals to 1(99-1) or was it 100 goals to nil (100-0).

This match was a very memorable one and on the tongues and lips of everyone to date, we must have heard the story from ANYBODY, might be your Uncle, Aunt, Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, anybody even your Enemy.

Though we heard different versions of the story where we had Rasheed Yekini as the only go scorer for Nigeria and another version told us late Samuel Okwaraji was the hero of the day when He kicked the ball even when it had turned to a rock or stone, and some said Teslim ‘Thunder’ Balogun found the back of the net.

India scored as many goals because they were accused of using voodoo and dark magic to play the match which made the ball turned to different things like wild animals like Tigers, Lions even Rocks and the goalkeeper had to either run from the goal post or just watch the ball slide into the net.

Well, asking some Indian people if they had an idea about the epic match between the two countries, they said “That’s a lie, that sort of thing can not happen. It is not possible for someone to score 99 goals in a football match.”

Yeah…the story had us cracked us right?

But here’s the real truth about what really went down;

Truly, India was banned from playing football by the Federation Internationale de Football Association due to the incident but it wasn’t because people claimed they used voodoo to play football instead it was because they refuse to wear playing boots.

Now you know what really happened.

Watch Video Here


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