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Let’s Play This Game » Na The Matter We Still Dey Settle 😭😭😭

Hello Guys,

Let’s play this very interesting game on NAIJAPALABA (it has been trending on Social media, Whatsapp to be precise for some days now).


In case you are one of those who hardly reply to messages on Whatsapp because you are always very busy and when you eventually have the time to respond..

You have to drop a funny lie to make the person understand you have been busy 😭😭😭


Below are some examples so you can get the scope of the game and can then drop yours.

See below:-

You’ve seen some examples, oya let’s see how smart and great you can think.

What Have You Been Doing That Made You Not To Reply My Messages?

Just imagine someone asked you the question above..

Oya drop a funny big lie to will make everyone laugh like a mad person 😭😭😭

Let’s go


  1. House girl call oga big head in front of madam, as we dey settle that 1,nah him gate man come tell madam say baby call down….we still dey there o…the matter no gree end

  2. Tenant go serve landlord quit notice,because landlord play loud music for compound which is against compound rules the matter carry fire it refused to quench

  3. Cleaner clean so tay he no see anything clean again in the house he latter go meet him oga, madam I done clean everything in the house both compound and are no see anything clean again, him madam answer am, OK o come clean my yanshi na so this guy answer him madam OK ma thank you which work wey I collecte before am coming now now.

  4. As I never see my money collect from naijapalaba..wey dem tell me say I no post.. nah d matter we still dey drag b4 dem reduce my money from 16k to 3k… I no think say dis matter fit finish for ground oo

  5. Oga ask gate man to pack all his load and leave the house gate man go carry junior na the matter we want go settle now.

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