Let’s Decides: What would you have done if you find your wife with your best friend on your Matrimonial bed

Hi Guys !!

Let’s solve this problem and end this for all

imagine you have a best friend and all you ever do is to trust him together with your wife and one day you went out and on your coming back from work you saw them having a nice time on your bed……..

What Would you have done ??

Need your opinion to teach people what is right to do at that particular time

Comment below to contribute to society


    1. Hmm as lady ,if I find my own husband and best friend on bed like dat ,I will just sit down in front of him Nd remind him to finish with her and come and continue wit me infront of my friend,failure to do that will cause the real DEATH🙄

    2. Me, I have a mafioso kinda approach to this sorta thing. I will not make noise or hurt or kill anyone, matter of fact I will play it super cool as if nothing happened, but trust me its all part of the plan, its called keeping one in S U S P E N D E D T E R R O R. Like this guy should be having a feat but he is playing it all cool….you know how they say the fear of death is greater than death itself? Something like that. confound them by making them oblivious of your intent….that way you will control their very lives.

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