Leo Messi ‘Shirt’ is the most wanted thing i want – Raheem Sterling

Manchester City forward Raheem Sterling as said a Leo Messi ‘Shirt’ is one of the most wanted thing he will love to have in his collection.

Speaking before a ePremier League Invitational tournament match against Everton’s Andre Gomes, he said “There’s only one that I really want and that’s a Messi shirt,”.

Raheem Sterling who has won a host of trophies and scoring more than 100 goals for clubs and country said he will not be satisfied until he adds a Lionel Messi Shirt to his collection.

The Manchester City forward who has 56 caps for England is a big fan of the Argentine and he as not hide his love for the Barcelona forward.

“When we played Barcelona I got a Neymar shirt. That was the first shirt I ever asked for”,  he said

“When I finish football and settle somewhere, I will hopefully have many shirts to choose from, pick my favourites and then I will do a room of trophies and football shirts.” he continued.

Speaking to BBC Sport, he also said he admired Ex Barcelona Superstar Ronaldinho, “If you see my history on Youtube, I have seen every single clip of his playing career.

“I used to go into the garden and try to recreate what he’d done, but I couldn’t. I tried to the best to my ability. He was something special.”


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