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Learn to Make Your Teeth White in no Time of Trying These 2 Ingredients


Learn to Make your Teeth white in no time of trying this 2 logic

Many may have tried a lot of things like charcoal and other sought of things that cannot be expressed in this article and that is because they have not seen the right article to tell them what to do or what to prepare for themselves.

Now having white teeth is not a 2-minute job and do not any blogger tell you that it is a 2 minutes hack it is all a lie and that will not show up until you tried it and see for yourself.

In this article, I am going to be teaching you how to make your teeth white and not in two minutes because your consistency matters, and I do not know how consistent you would be.

First, The type of toothbrush you are using matters and it also determines how white your teeth will be if I give you this remedy

For the brush make sure you are using a medium-hard brush not the extremely hard brush that is also called smokers brush

Apply Lemon and Apple Cider Vinegar

Creating a mixture of these above ingredients using a quarter tablespoon of lemon will do and 2 spoons of apple cider vinegar. when done mix it thoroughly and use this mixture to brush your teeth. This method is effective and costs materials…If you already have the ingredients around you in your house you can enjoy using this hack Note, you should not repeat this treatment more than once in a week given the acidity of lemon. Apply lemon and apple cider can wear off your enamel on your teeth.

Rub Your Teeth with a Banana Peel or Orange Rind

It sounds crazy to me at first until I have research and studies about banana peel and Orange rind. these things contain a lot of vitamins and minerals in the out shell of banana and orange. many people peal these things off and do not know that it is useful for the whitening of teeth. but now that you know this you can always rub the inside on your teeth to whiten it after ten minutes you can then brush your teeth.

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