July 2, 2022
Due to the rapid increase in the corona virus pandemic, the Lagos state government has made a stay-at-home order to help control the spread.

As part of the effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in the country, may state governors have set up a task force to enforce the ban of gathering

Lagos state is no exception. Lagos State has ordered the closedown of schools, religious and social gatherings within the state

Due to poor compliance with the closure activities, the Lagos state government has released security personals to the streets to ensure total compliance.

A video was seen with the Lagos state security officials destroying goods of opened shops and punishing shop owners.

All members of the public are advised to stay at home. This directive was given to help fight the spread of the COVID-19 (corona) virus that has claimed the life of several persons around the world. Currently, shops and market places have been closed down in Lagos.

To stay safe, please stay at home as much as you can, avoid contact with people, wash your hands, and maintain good hygiene at all times.


82 thoughts on “Lagos State task force vandalising Properties

    1. Imagine the security that is suppose to guide, now stealing, him, Nigeria

  1. This is not the way to go about it…plead with them.give them foods to stay home…nd if they don’t..pu is them….not destroying their goods.its not cool….they worked for this stuff nah…my suggestion tho

  2. This our Nigerian force should try and always do things right. Not embarrassing fellow Nigerians. This people have nothing to eat and the funniest part is: You eat more when you are idle than when you are busy doing one thing or the other.
    So they need to understand many things before they keep maltreating our dear Nigerians.

  3. You want people to stay at home, then give them something they can use In sustaining themselves

  4. They are not animals,I don’t know why all this government force like to over do things.

  5. It’s unfair because the stay at home order did not provide food for those on daily activities income feeders

  6. Had it been the palliatives reached everybody, then no one will be complaining

  7. All these Task force are behaving as if they are stronger than CORO. They should check out how advance country carries out their instruction.

  8. When will our officers learn to handle citizens with care. Are we all suspects?

  9. Those entrusted to save guard the people turn round to vandalize our properties. Who are the thieves, are they not these unscrupulous elements in the name of police?

  10. Was the part of destroying people’s properties also their duties

  11. If the government want us to stay home, they know what to do. For God sake if Corona keep us idoor hunger will bring us out

  12. Why would they just go all the way to destroy ppl’s properties,it’s not cool at all, if food and other provisions were made for everybody den ppl won’t disobey, more provisions should be made and not just giving some ppl small amount of food that cannot even be enough for a week.

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