July 2, 2022
Ladies bikes aren't precisely the types of bike you indiscriminately see a day. Their rate of demand during this a part of the planet isn't as high and area unit so quite restricted within the market.

Ladies bikes aren’t precisely the types of bike you indiscriminately see a day. Their rate of demand during this a part of the planet isn’t as high and area unit so quite restricted within the market. solely few brands manufacture and import these bikes into the country. they are available in several sizes, designs, colours, qualities and in fact, prices. They conjointly vary in options, quality, fuel mileage and general performance.

On the common, a fresh women bike are often gotten for between

N280,000 – N400,000 . This undoubtedly doesn’t embody power bikes. The variation within the worth depends on the complete, model, options and time and placement of purchase.

Brand new ladies’ bikes area unit beyond question the most effective choice for any woman that desires to induce a motorbike. thanks to the sturdiness and strength of bikes usually although, shopping for a showing neatness used version of the bike isn’t a nasty plan. Provided the bike is in sensible physical and operational state, you’ll be able to expect it to deliver at virtually a similar potency because the fresh version. Here area unit costs of some in style brands of girls bikes.

Sinoki Supra: N100, 000 – N120, 000

Qlink Target: N150,000 – N200,000

Jincheng women Bike: N120, 000 – N170, 000

On the common, fairly used women bike in African nation are often purchased between N80,000 – N200, 000 reckoning on the state of the bike.

Things to think about Before shopping for a women motorbike

Picking a lady’s motorbike to buy could be a terribly delicate call to create and with numerous choices obtainable within the market, it solely gets tougher. women bikes area unit obtainable in several sizes, designs, colors and slight vary in options. it’s not regarding selecting a motorbike, however selecting the motorbike that meets your would like. Here area unit some points to think about once selecting a lady’s motorbike.

Consider the peak of the seat: you wish to be comfy on your bike and therefore the main issue that may confirm that’s the peak of the bike. In general, cruisers have low seat heights however typically, the seats area unit wide, and therefore the bikes area unit significant. you’ll be able to conjointly take into account adventure-style bikes during this regard.

Consider the CC: The cc of the bike can matter once shopping for a motor cycle. If you’re searching for one thing easy and economical, then you must persist with 100cc bikes. The advantage of this can be that they’re cheaper, and you get to save lots of on gas considerably. additionally, bikes with lower cc area unit a lot of easier to drive, management and maintain, that is extremely appropriate for a woman.

Consider your Budget: costs of girls bikes vary. Some area unit low cost and a few others area unit comparatively pricy. skills a lot of you’re able to pay and choose a motorbike inside the vary. whether or not N100,000 or N500,000, you may forever get a pleasant lady’s bike.

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  1. Things are falling part seriously 5 to 8 years ago you can get a Ladies bike for $40000 to #60000

  2. Thanks for this information. One can easily make his budget with this.

  3. But then, it’s so alarming that things are getting quite expensive. Is this country still same country that got independence as at 1960? Hmmm.

  4. Ladies are expensive, so their things should also be expensive too, but you have your choice to make

    1. Even ladies bra and pants should be expensive as much as 100k minimum.

  5. I would actually get a ladies bike for any amount…once I have the cash…I mean it’s a dream come true for me

    1. It will come true. Don’t worry.
      Also don’t forget to get different colors and brands.

  6. I would love to get one of those bikes,I feel in love with them when I went to Cotonou ,seeing the ladies ride on them to work,looking very smart and there was less traffic .

  7. But the danger that attached to it, is another issue entirely. But is good..

  8. Never heard there are specific bikes for women……but for what ever price it is….I think I need one…

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