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Justine Dean reveals why social media causes his marital crisis with the popular singer Korra obidi (Video)

The estranged husband of Korra obidi the popular Nigerian dancer named Justin Dean, has advised couples against putting their relationships and families on social media.

He revealed how his marriage was broken with Korra and advised couples not to put their relationship on social media.

The father of two made it known to people that social media and the dive for fame were the root that caused destruction to his marriage with the popular singer he said this during a Facebook live session.

He also mentioned it that once his kids get old enough, he’ll stop putting them on social media.

Sadly, the now estranged couple marriage hit the rock bottom few weeks after they welcomed their second child, Athena on a Facebook live session

Meanwhile, Korra Obidi on the other hand has said she is scared to open up about her embattled union with husband, Justin Dean.

According to Korra, she’s afraid to talk about her marital crisis to the world because the internet never forgets and she wouldn’t want to ruin her family’s reputation .

In her words,

“I don’t want to air my dirty laundry in public because I know the internet never forgets. First of all I want to apologise to everyone who saw the perfect depiction of family, perfect definition of love, interracial love that I projected online and bought into it and now they are very disappointed with what is going on. I am sorry that you had to see that.”

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