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JUST IN: Police release Sharif, mastermind of Katsina protests


The Nigeria Police have released the alleged mastermind of the recent peaceful protests in Katsina, Nastura Ashir  Sharif.

He was released Thursday, a statement by his Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) confirmed.


Spokesman for the group, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman noted in the statement he signed that Sharif was released after intense pressure from CNG, the Northern Elders Forum, patriotic leaders and elders of the North, among others.

The statement read, “The Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) hereby confirms that Nastura Ashir Sharif, its chairman of the Board of Trustees has today been freed from a two-day police captivity.

“He was arrested Tuesday afternoon and moved to Abuja shortly after the peaceful protests in Katsina against the killings of helpless and defenceless citizens by bandits.

“We acknowledge that Sharif’s freedom was made possible by the enormous pressure exerted by the CNG, the Northern Elders Forum, patriotic leaders and elders of the North, a decent section of the civil society, multi-sectoral cooperation of regional groups and activists and the vigilance of the national and international press.

“We equally appreciate the support, cooperation, and patience of the entire northern public throughout the period of Sharif’s detention.

“This is indeed reassuring. We assure the public that we shall never relent in our struggle for a decent, free, fair, and just society no matter the odds.

“We urge authorities to endeavour to always place value on human liberty and people’s rights as basic cornerstones for civilized democracy.”



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