Just In: Influencer Papaya Ex confronted by her alleged married lover’s wife

Popular Nigerian Social media influencer, Abike Halima Raheem, well known as Papaya Ex, was recently accosted by her alleged married lover’s wife in Lekki area of Lagos.

Papaya ex was seen in a video that has now gone viral across all platforms looking downcast as she was being confronted by an alleged wife of a man whom she is allegedly dating.

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The disgruntled Wife who seemed to be the person recording the incident, said in Yoruba that she finally had the evidence to use against her Husband in her claim that he was being unfaithful to her.

According to her, her husband told her that ‘Papaya was just an Olosho he patronized and nothing more.’ However, she was shocked to see them together at his house which led to the confrontation.

Shortly before the video ended, a man emerged from the shadows and said “are you stupid?” to the woman who was recording.

See video below ;

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According to Gistlover, Papaya caused her alleged lover to send his Legit wife with whom he has a child with out of his house and the wife is currently pregnant with their second child.

They also accused the man of being a fraudster who is currently evading the EFCC

As one would expect, micro-blogging platform, Twitter is currently blowing up with the gist and here are some reactions culled from the app’ ;

Sir David wrote;

Big Paps wey be full-time Olosho, gave you all fabu that she’s a big influencer sought after by numerous brands and you all believed her. Someone that has zero creativity and content. It was so obvious, that the girl wasn’t making her money through influencing. So very obvious.

Onyemaizu wrote;

The other day when I tweeted about Papaya, some said she was making her money through influencing. Lol, which influencing? Which content does Papaya have? There are over one hundred influencers here who have better content and they don’t give out car gifts and iphones. Olosho

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