JJC skills’ baby mama reveals the faces of Funke Akindele’s twins (Photos)

Mella, who happened to be JJC Skills’ baby mama, has revealed the faces of Funke Akindele’s twins as she warned them not to come for her son again.

Mella took to her Instagram page on Thursday, April 14 to share photos of the Actress, her husband and their Twins whose identity has been kept secret ever since they were born.

She captioned the photo, “If you don’t want me to expose your family, then don’t expose mine. Funke and Abdul Bello”.

This is coming after rumours of trouble being in the Funke’s home arose some days ago, JJC Skillz debunked them shortly afterwards.

Benito , one of JJC’s children left a comment on a post talking about his stepmother, Funke with his official Tiktok account.

Beni claimed he lived with her for 2 years and “the house was a horror site”, adding that “She’s not what you all think she is.”

Shortly after this, JJC who is currently in the UK took to Instagram to share a photo of him, Funke, and their twin sons. He stated that he would be coming home soon to Funke and also told her not to let anyone spoil her vibes.

Funke Akindele was also in the comment section of the post, telling JJC how much she and her kids miss him.