Japanese man fulfils dream of becoming a dog, pays a hefty sum of 2 million yen

In another bizarre incident, A Japanese man has fulfilled his unique dream of transforming himself into an animal and that too a dog, The man got himself transformed into a breed named “collie” by a professional agency called Zeppet, he paid a large sum of money for a “life-sized” dog costume.

The man commissioned a professional agency named Zeppet and asked it to make him a costume of a Collie — which is a dog breed, NDTV reported.

The company took 40 days to make the costume and charged more than two million yen for it.

Talking about why he chose to become a collie, the man said: “I made it a collie because it looks real when I put it on. My favorite is quadrupedal animals, especially cute ones. Among them, I thought that a big animal close to me would be good, considering that it would be a realistic model, so I decided to make it a dog. Long-haired dogs can mislead the human figure. I met such a condition and made Collie, my favorite breed of dog.”

Sharing the pictures on Twitter, the company said: “At the request of an individual, we made a dog modelling suit. Modelled after a collie dog, it reproduces the appearance of a real dog walking on four legs like a real dog.”

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