“In my generation, most 14-year-olds were already doing it” – Seun Kuti tells parents to ‘start sex education early instead of forming innocent’

Seun Kuti , Nigerian singer has advised parents to begin sex education with their children at young age.

The singer who gave this advise shared on his Instagram, he said parent should stop “forming saint” and talk to their children about sex and give them necessary informations they need to know .

According to the father of two, everything in Nigeria is centered around sex, he said children are now inundated with sexual images wherever they look .

He added that , 14-year-olds were having sex in his generation, so it’s no surprise that to see that the age has dropped for kids in this generation.

“Everything in Nigeria is centered around sex. Children are faced daily in fact inundated with sexual images. All the songs the media feeds them, everything is hyper sexualized. Sex tapes of their media created role models everywhere coupled with the internet, just start sex education early instead of forming saint, In my generation most 14 year olds were already doing it or planning to do it, I am nit surprised the age dropped.” He wrote.