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I’m an 18 year old girl and I still occasionally like to sleep in bed with my dad.what do you think?



I have been struggling with this and as mentioned by another OP and as I thought you have gotten varied answers.

I am going to have to go with NO.

At 18, even if you still long for your father’s affection snuggling up with him in one bed is not the correct way to obtain it.

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Firstly, you are now in at least the US considered an Adult. You should be able to sleep alone in your own bed. If you need companionship call a friend, TALK, to your father, or find a boyfriend.

2. Just as nature will have it men tend to get erections during sleep and in the morning, I could think of nothing more awkward then him rolling over and that touching you.

3. I am not going to make any assumptions, but in some way you could be giving your father the “wrong idea.”

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4. It is totally NOT – the same as sharing a tent, hotel bed, floor, rollout couch, air bed or any other limited time “convenience” sleep accommodations. These are done for convenience not because one wants to.

5. As someone else mentioned and I think this is the most important point, it could help to distort your view of letting go and forming a healthy relationship with another man.

6. If you were my girlfriend and told me this I would think something is extremely off even more so than as a friend, sure that’s my opinion but how many of your 18 year old friends sleep alone in bed with their fathers.

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It also leads to questions like “what is he wearing?” what are you wearing? How big is the bed? Is there any touching, even if deemed innocent involved? And many more.

It’s almost like saying “I am 7 and still use a pacifier, is there a problem?”

I’m sorry but you asked and this is my answer.

Please try and find a healthier alternative like crushing on boys, talking late on the phone etc. things most teenage girls your age are doing.



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