July 2, 2022

In this article, I will share with you some tips on how to make your man stay when you are in a relationship with him, funny right.

there are so many times you will be with a man but you are not in a relationship with him, yes I know that because I am a woman also.

Read this from one line to another to get what I am trying to pass to you guys.

we all know that all men struggle to make it in life and all also need some support one way or the other here is what you need to do as a lady that does not want her man to love someone else.

Things you do not know about men.

1 Man or guys love or cherish a woman or a lady that is so caring in terms of health or business, let me break it down for you if you do not understand.

let assume I am a man that is always depressed when every I lose something or I lose a business opportunity here is what I want, I will want a partner or a girlfriend that will act as a real partner to bring me out of my depression or will talk me out of hurting myself. if you can do that, I am promising you that this act is what will make you special from the other slots he is taking around.

2 Men love a girl not only in good shape but also a girl that has a good manner and also a good vibe. let me also break this down to you if you do not understand.

Let assume you are with a man you know like to flex very well, you do not want to tie some leftover six-yard cloth on your body while he is around you, you will want to put on some sexy clothes as a married woman or as a single lady you will always want to look good around him and also look take away so when his friend sees you they will ask his who is that girl you brought around.. note that guy always want something his friends will always be jealous about and apart from that you want to be good to him please do not be rude to your man if you know you want him to love you as you do. little things matter.

3 Do not ask too much of him. if also you do not understand this I will break it down for you.

There is much time that guys face a lot from their business and this makes them qualify who is a gold digger from who loves them. they believe a gold digger will always ask too much from them like many things they could not afford and these are the things you do not want to do or find yourself in. it is always okay if you ask when you need it but not every time if you want your man to love you.

Now let us move to the thing you will do if you want your man to love you like he loves his mama.

In this part, I will share with you why a son loves his mother so much and can’t trade her anything. if you also want this for yourself I will advise you to take some of my advice.

You should know that the love from a son to a mother is always special and always from childhood. but not all love is from being a child which are part and the things I will share with you guys.

Read below guys

1 Let your man know you care for him: ho   w do you do this? you can simply start by letting him know but showing him that you care for him is the best. you can easily show him by not getting tired of the thing he did that hurts you because a mother does not        leave a son even if he is terrible.

2 Man most time needs advice on their business that they think only their mother can be a perfect person at that moment but if you have shown your man that it is not by acting to let him tell you what he’s worried about, then you are in a good place of taking part of a mothers loves.

Correct your man Bad act: if you make this step at first you will notice that he will not like it but I will not lie to you he’s really keeping some notice about you and other girls he is dating.

So guy if you think this article needs some correction please let me know in your comment below and make sure you share my article for your friends and family to learn from thanks.